Thursday 30 May 2024

The Perfect Teacher by Kelly Golden


The Perfect Teacher by Kelly Golden- psychological thriller

Frankie's daughter Jenna hasn’t come home from school, however she is 16 and more than capable of sorting herself out. Other than to her helicopter mother who still calls her “ her baby”. On investigating further Frankie finds out that the school has hired her arch nemesis from when she was at school, someone the whole family steered away from. Frankie is now convinced that Georgia Smith has a hand in Jenna’s disappearance, putting into action what she threatened years ago.

Alternate chapters take the reader Now, After and Before written from differing perspectives-on differing timelines. Sounds confusing but it really isn't, it's easy to follow. “After” is someone in prison, we are not quite sure who or why until later in the book and “Now” being mostly from Frankie's perspective. This gives an interesting POV which varies and kept me hooked right the way through. The chapters are short and snappy and there is that “  just one more chapter” feeling as I wanted to find out more. A family that despite the generations live in close quarters and so enveloped in each other's lives so that the past is quickly regenerated in their minds. A family that is rather dysfunctional in many ways, some wanting to live just in their own space and time. A very cleverly thought out, well planned plot written to perfection. There is something special about this book. It's gripping, it’s proficient and profound. Stunning, gripping, breath-taking. 

(There are mentions of self harm, suicide and bullying)

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Wednesday 29 May 2024

Murder on the Train by Faith Martin


Murder on the Train by Faith Martin- Crime

Ex DI Hillary Greene is off on a much longed for holiday. A trip to Hay on Wye to promote the book she has just written. She is staying at a pub and meets other people there who suggest a trip on a steam train. Whilst on the train a guest is murdered. Hillary is on holiday, can she help without interfering in the case?

Oh boy! No one was more pleased than me when I saw that there was a new Hillary Greene book. They are such entertaining reads and I can't help but smile at Puff the tragic wagon (if you know, you know) and more. There’s a warmth between the pages and a wonderfully crafted plot with twists and turns to engage the reader right the way through. Hillary is a wily woman and has the experience to see more than is on the surface of people. A wonderfully entertaining read, I can’t wait for more.

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MURDER ON THE TRAIN by Faith Martin ONE OF THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE DETECTIVES RETURNS. SIX MILLION BOOKS READ. A BRAND-NEW MYSTERY FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR. SET IN THE BEAUTIFUL WELSH COUNTRYSIDE. Six passengers in a locked train carriage. One of them is dead. No one saw a thing. Former Detective Hillary Greene is off on holiday. For a blissful two weeks, her life will be free of murder victims, murder suspects — and, best of all, no paperwork. She’s heading for the beautiful Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye, where she plans to spend her time browsing old bookshops and generally relaxing.Hillary arrives at the picturesque Riverside Inn where she finds the residents an eclectic bunch: a charming Irishman, a rich American and his spoilt daughter, a thrice-married Canadian influencer, a wealthy widow and a taciturn taxidermist. The next day, Hillary and her fellow guests set off on a steam train ride through the stunning Cambrian Mountains. But when the train arrives at its final destination, not all the passengers get off.One of them has been stabbed neatly and cleanly through the heart.Which of the five passengers who shared the carriage is the killer? And how come no one saw a thing . . . ?

Perfect for fans of Betty Rowlands, Agatha Christie, L.J. Ross, J.R. Ellis, M.C. Beaton, or Clare Chase. READERS LOVE THE HILLARY GREENE SERIES: ‘Fabulous . . . I recommend this book to everyone.’ Anna R. ‘This is perhaps my favourite novel of the series.’ Joyce F.  ‘Excellent . . . Keeps the reader guessing until the final pages.’ Rita H. ‘A cracker of a read I would happily give 10 stars to if I could.’ Misfits Farm THE DETECTIVE DI Hillary Greene: An attractive, single woman in her fifties, Hillary Greene was a police officer of many years’ experience (earning the rank of DI) and came up through the ranks. Consequently, she knew how the system worked, and was always fiercely loyal to the force without being blinkered to its faults. Forced to retire early through no fault of her own, she has now returned to the force as a civilian consultant on cold cases.


OVER 2 MILLION BOOKS SOLD AND 400 MILLION PAGES READ ON KINDLE UNLIMITED! Faith Martin was born in Oxford, and has spent all her life within twenty miles of the university city, even working at Somerville College for six years before turning to writing full-time.  Faith has been writing for nearly 30 years under four different pen names and has had nearly 50 books published so far. She began writing romantic thrillers as Maxine Barry, which Joffe Books are in the process of re-releasing as brand new eBooks. Then she turned to crime, and as Joyce Cato wrote classic-style whodunits, since she’s always admired the golden-age crime novelists.  But it was when she created her fictional DI Hillary Greene, and began writing under the name of Faith Martin, that she finally began to become more widely known.  Her latest literary characters WPC Trudy Loveday, and city coroner, Dr Clement Ryder, take readers back to the 1960’s and the city of Oxford. Having lived within a few miles of the city of dreaming spires for all her life, both the city and the countryside/wildlife often feature in her novels. Although she has never lived on a narrow boat (unlike DI Hillary Greene!) the Oxford canal, the river Cherwell, and the flora and fauna of a farming landscape have always played a big part in her life – and often sneak their way onto the pages of her books. Her hobbies include walking her now ageing dog, wildlife-watching, reading and (reluctantly) gardening.  

Monday 27 May 2024

The Disappearance of Peter Markham By Donna Morfett


The Disappearance of Peter Markham By Donna Morfett- crime  

Wow! A debut novel that grabbed me from the outset and didn’t let go. Peter Markham is a prominent and well known figure in Dunstable where he lives happily with his wife and family. When he goes missing it’s well out of character and DI Cora Snitton and her team have little to go on to begin with. However Cora finds a photo at his house with a passage that doesn’t seem quite right. Who would take Peter and could the squeaky clean facade be hiding something more?

I loved this from the start and found myself turning more and more. It's an easy read which keeps the pages turning and I quickly liked Cora- there was just something special about her. Perhaps her determination and tenacity for justice, whilst dealing with her own shortcomings in a very professional way. I would like to think that this could be the start of a series as I feel there is more to Cora and her team to come. A well thought out, cleverly plotted novel. A wowser of a debut. Nice one Donna!

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If Martina Cole is the Queen of crime, Donna must be a Princess...

Do you believe in Karma? Peter Markham should have. The past has come tapping him on his shoulder with an appointment for a reckoning. There will be no tomorrow. The killer did everything to cover their tracks, but is that possible? Who is this mystery person to bear such a grudge, but more importantly, why? Is it possible to forgive the past?

DI Cora Snitton is new to the station and wants to make an impression. The pressure is on her to find Peter Markham and put the world back together again, at least for his wife. If Peter has a history, so have others. Secrets breed secrets while tragedy is only around the corner. It’s up to Cora and the officers on her team like rookie DC’s Darcey and Luke to solve the crime and deliver justice.


Born and raised in a small Town in Bedfordshire.

Has loved reading as long as she was able to understand the words written on the page, and the love has remained. Now a way to help cope with mental health.

As with many people across the world, the pandemic left us with lots of time, and twiddling thumbs. As well as trying to complete a degree in Forensic Science at the time, Donna thought she'd try and write a book.

That book, although story wise is ok, needs a lot of work, and is yet to see the light of day. She likes the story and hopes to go back to it one day.

Donna then took part in NaNoWriMo, in November 2021, and wrote her first full length novel. Then there is Cassie, which came joint second in a recent short story competition. When entered, they were given covers and proper editing, so Donna thought, why not release it, and raise some money for charity. So thats how Cassie came to be.

Debut novel The Disappearance of Peter Markham is being released by Rampart books on May 23rd 2024.

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Saturday 25 May 2024

The Blood Promise by Liz Mistry


The Blood Promise by Liz Mistry- Crime

This is the first in a new series from Liz, based around two detectives- DC’s Solanki and McQueen. They have recently been paired up since one was demoted from being a DS and lucky not to have lost her job. Queenie loves knitting and eating and Jazzy (Solanki) is finding this is taking some getting used to but quickly finds she likes just something about her new partner. Jazzy is getting visits from a hooded stranger leaving her birthday cards which is freaking her out but there’s nothing to really go on. When they get called to the strangest birthday party murder she wonders if the two could be connected in some strange way. 

I really enjoyed this, there's humour in the newly acquired camaraderie between Jazzy and Queenie which lightens the story. The main crime is gruesome and dark so this is a great balance and there is one heck of a lead up to the ending. Jazzy has her own backstory as does Queenie which they eventually share which forms an even stronger bond. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series. It's different, and wonderful to have such brilliant, gritty true northern characters who jump out from the page. Stunning, clever, brilliant and all the other superlatives.

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The Blood Promise

A deadly gift Imogen Clark wakes up on her 16th birthday to find her parents dead at the breakfast table, along with a message from their killer. A twist of fate Detectives Jazzy Solanki and Annie McQueen join the investigation, but the more they discover, the more Jazzy suspects that the killing is a twisted message for her. Jazzy shares the same birthday as Imogen, and believes that this is more than a coincidence. A race to catch a killer When Jazzy discovers the connection between the killer and the stalker who has been following her for years, she is forced to confront the dark past she was desperate to keep hidden. She must stop at nothing to solve the case, before she becomes the next victim… Purchase Links USA UK

Author Bio – Liz Mistry moved to West Yorkshire in the late 1980s. Her gritty crime fiction police procedural novels set in Bradford embrace the city she describes as ‘Warm, Rich and Fearless’ whilst exploring the darkness that lurks beneath. Yet, her heart remains in Scotland, where childhood tales of bogey men, Bible John and grey lady ghosts fed her imagination. Her latest work, The Solanki and McQueen crime series is set around West Lothian, where she uses the distinctive landscape, historic heritage and Scottish culture as a backdrop to her gritty yet often humorous stories. Struggling with clinical depression and anxiety for many years, Liz often includes mental health themes in her writing. She credits her MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University with helping her find a way of using her writing to navigate her ongoing mental health struggles. The synergy been creative and academic writing led Liz to complete a doctorate in creative writing researching the importance of representation of marginalised groups within the genre she loves. Her husband, three children and huge extended British Indian family are a constant support to her. In her spare time, Liz loves visiting the varied Scottish and Yorkshire landscape, travelling, listening to music, reading and blogging about all things crime fiction on her website blog, The Crime Warp. Social Media Links – Website: X (Twitter): LizMistryAuthor Facebook:

Thursday 23 May 2024

Think Twice by Harlan Coben


Think Twice by Harlan Coben - Crime

A classic Harlan Coben novel with a twisty plot. This is one of a series- number 12 in the Myron Bolitar series- but happily stands alone- I hadn’t read the others. Myron had been to a funeral of a former client and friend, Greg, a while back but when there is a murder and his deceased friend's DNA is found at the crime scene things take on a different turn. As he starts to look into this, more murders with a similar MO crop up. Is Greg still alive or is someone using his profile to confuse the investigation?

This is a gritty, classic Harlan Coban read where the reader is led astray more than once. It's a complex plot, well written and thought out. I wouldn't expect anything less from an author of Harlan’s calibre. I wish I'd started at the beginning of the series as I feel there is so much more to know about Myron and Win- the one who often saves the day. An investigative thriller in every sense of the word. Another classic from the master that is HC.  

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Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Perfect Fiance by TJ Brearton


The Perfect Fiance by TJ Brearton -psychological thriller

Julie comes home early from a work conference to find her fiance Colton in bed with another woman. As she yells and tells them to get out some men break into the house and take her and Colton hostage, bundling them into the back of a van. She thinks she recognises one of the men however Colton apparently doesn't know who she is. They are taken to a cabin in the back of beyond and more things begin to fall in place about who the kidnappers are. But what do they want with Julie and why?

This is an interesting premise well executed and a read where things move on at a pace.The reader is plunged into the drama right from the very beginning. I felt for Julie and her predicament. A good psychological thrill of a read, one to keep the reader between the pages right the way through. 

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Monday 20 May 2024

Janet Jackson Superhost by Rebecca Papworth-


Janet Jackson Superhost by Rebecca Papworth- humorous women's fiction

Janet Jackson runs Lavander cottage, her AirBnb to bring in some much needed extra cash. She has her sister Mitzi and partner Carl living with her, usually rent free as they are always skint, as well as her daughter Chloe who is at college. Janet wants to become a superhost which involves getting the guests to leave 4 or 5* reviews. When they often trash the place a review is the last thing on their minds. Janet's life is full of drama whether it’s from relatives, guests or neighbours or even Janet’s own flagging love life there is never a dull moment. Janet also loves to cook which is her go-to for stress so there are plenty of mentions of a cake or pie or two.

This is a wonderful series (but would happily stand alone) to bring a smile to any reader. I couldn't help but grin (and wince) at some of the guests and their antics and chaos they leave behind. Janet has the patience of Job (I know this is fiction but from experience knows such things with guests really can happen) and the calmness the host requires especially when all around her there are huge distractions. A read to bring a smile and perhaps to reflect on life. There is always cake and even more gravy! (if you know, you know!) 

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Janet Jackson Superhost Lavender Cottage, Yorkshire’s finest B&B, is owner Janet Jackson’s pride and joy. Now, after a year of running it and coming out alive, she’s set her heart on becoming a Superhost. For that Janet will need a bloomin great tsunami of 5 star reviews- despite the many obstacles that stand in her way. Number one, of course, is the guests themselves. Their strange requests, habits and lasting damage to her garden, the cottage and her sanity, are a non- stop challenge. Add in the piles of laundry, sleepless nights, scary spreadsheets, sneaky neighbours, and sex with no strings . . . and her goal seems far away.  Yet despite an endless run of dramas, and thanks to her passion for hospitality and home baking, Janet may find she is just a Lemon Drizzle cake or two away from a 5-star life. Purchase Link -
Author Bio

Becky Papworth has been writing since she was seven, when she won a prize for her Mother’s day poem from Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus. With further writing credits on CBBC and BBC Radio. Her play ‘Miscreant Mothers’ for BBC Radio 3 was nominated for the prestigious Tinniswood award. She has an MA with distinction in Scriptwriting from Salford University. Her career as a TV Exec has kept her busy over the last few years, working on shows like; ‘Citizen Khan’, ‘Rab C Nesbitt’, ‘Gavin & Stacey’, ‘The Royle Family’ and ‘I love the 80’s’. Rebecca was the first woman to produce ‘Have I Got News For You’ and is responsible for ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’, Channel 4’s landmark daytime series. In her spare time Rebecca kills houseplants and attempts to control two teenage daughters. Social Media Links –

The Note

The Note- Andrew Barrett- 5* A short story written in the first person by CSI Eddie Collins. Eddie is the sort of bloke who calls a s...