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Hidden on the Fens-Joy Ellis  Crime  
DI Nikki Galena is back! This time the wife of one of the sergeants has been called
in to a neighbouring farm to advise on environmental issues. The discovery of footprints
on an unknown track leads to more than one amazing discovery. The farm owners wife
is receiving “gifts” relating to her interest in all things Wiccan. A young woman from the
village has gone missing who strikes more than a passing resemblance to a girl killed many
years ago in the area and a woman has finally come forward to give evidence on a man
who has escaped justice for preying on older women. This is book eleven in the series
and would probably stand alone- then again why miss out on the rest of the wonderful
series? I really enjoy Joy’s style or writing. The plots are enticing and keep the grey matter
active whilst being a comfortable read. Characters who stand out for all the right (or wrong!)
reasons and a little humour here and there. For me the key to these books is the personality
which shines through and characters have more to them than “just” the plot line. Wow!  A
tangle of plots intricately and very cleverly weaved yet easy to follow. Stunning really doesn’t
do this one justice- but of course justice gets served. Love this series and very much look
forward to the next one. Please keep them coming! Thank you Joy- for a wonderful read
but also for this quote- it means more than you can imagine. “ If justice is denied, let
the law of Karma take the ride, nothing in this world is done without a price” (anon).
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AWAITED CRIME THRILLERS OF 2019. A DERELICT COTTAGE HIDDEN IN A COPSE OF TREES. A MISSING GIRL WHOSE BODY WAS NEVER FOUND. HAS HER KILLER RETURNED? Detective Joseph Easter’s daughter discovers a cottage hidden in some trees on a large
fenland farm. Someone has been living there. The farm-owner’s wife has been receiving sinister pagan artefacts, including a witch’s knife.
Are they some sort of warning or message? Joseph and his daughter search the cottage and find an old satchel. Inside are photos of a
beautiful girl, Jennifer Cowley. She went missing fifteen years ago. She had been stalked
by a young man, who was convicted of her murder, even though her body was never found. WHEN DI NIKKI GALENA EXAMINES THE COTTAGE, SHE FINDS SOMETHING FAR WORSE. And in the satchel is a more recent photo of a girl who looks just like Jennifer. The man who killed Jennifer is recently out of prison. Has he struck again? At the same time, DC Cat Cullen and Dave Harris are trying to get evidence against a man
who preys on widowed older women. Vernon Deacon is seemingly a pillar of society, with
very influential friends. His victims are often not believed, so their job is not easy. Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until 
the heart-stopping ending. This is book eleven of the international best-selling books featuring Nikki Galena. Joy Ellis was nominated for audiobook of the year the British Book Awards 2018. What readers are saying about JOY ELLIS “Just wonderful to read.” Carole “Holds the reader’s attention from the first word to the last.” Nicki Richards “Compulsive reading, I loved it.” Viv “Riveting tale from start to finish.” Lynne “Absolutely engrossing.” Olga “Brilliant book which kept me gripped from page 1.” Barbara THE DETECTIVE DI Nikki Galena: A police detective with nothing left to lose, she’s seen a girl die in her
arms and her own family destroyed. She’s tough on criminals but fiercely loyal to her team. HER PARTNER DS Joseph Easter is the squeaky-clean member of the team. But his nickname “Holy Joe”
belies his former life as a soldier. He has a daughter and an ex-wife who wants his attention. THE SETTING The Lincolnshire Fens: great open skies brood over marshes, farmland, and nature reserves.
It is not easy terrain for the Fenland Constabulary to police, due to the distances between
some of the remote fen villages, the dangerous and often misty lanes, and the poor
telephone coverage. There are still villages where the oldest residents have never set
foot outside their own farmland and a visit to the nearest town is a major event. But
it has a strange airy beauty to it, and above it all are the biggest skies you’ve ever seen. DISCOVER YOUR NEXT FAVOURITE MYSTERY SERIES NOW Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza, Mel Sherratt, Angela Marsons,
Colin Dexter, or Ruth Rendell. ALSO BY JOY ELLIS THE NIKKI GALENA SERIES Book 1: CRIME ON THE FENS Book 2: SHADOW OVER THE FENS Book 3: HUNTED ON THE FENS Book 4: KILLER ON THE FENS Book 5: STALKER ON THE FENS Book 6: CAPTIVE ON THE FENS Book 7: BURIED ON THE FENS Book 8: THIEVES ON THE FENS Book 9: FIRE ON THE FENS Book 10: DARKNESS ON THE FENS Book 11: HIDDEN ON THE FENS Join the Joffe Books mailing list for updates on the next Joy Ellis mystery.

JOY ELLIS – Author Bio UK #1 Best Seller with THEIR LOST DAUGHTERS and THE FOURTH FRIEND Over 1 million books sold! "I was born in Kent but spent most of my working life in London and Surrey. I was an
apprentice florist to Constance Spry Ltd, a prestigious Mayfair shop that throughout
the sixties and seventies teemed with both royalty and ‘real’ celebrities. What an
eye-opener for a working-class kid from the Garden of England! I swore then, probably
whilst I was scrubbing the floor or making the tea, that I would have a shop of my own
one day. It took until the early eighties, but I did it. Sadly the recession wiped us out,
and I embarked on a series of weird and wonderful jobs; the last one being a
bookshop manager. Surrounded by books all day, getting to order whatever you
liked, and being paid for it! Oh bliss! And now I live in a village in the Lincolnshire Fens with my partner, Jacqueline, and
our four Springer spaniels. I had been writing mysteries for years but never had the
time to take it seriously. Now I write full time, and as my partner is a highly
decorated retired police officer; I find I have an in-house consultant on hand to
make sure that the police and judicial procedure is correct. She also makes very
good tea! I have set my crime thrillers here in the misty fens because I sincerely
love the remoteness and airy beauty of the marshlands. This area is steeped in
superstitions and lends itself so well to murder! 

Monday, 17 February 2020

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Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds by Nick Albert - Memiors

“How would they cope with banks that didn’t want customers, builders who
didn’t need work, or the complex issue of where to buy some chickens?”
Nick has just given up his job due to his health and fortunately redundancy was on the
table. He has led a very stressful life and now it’s time for something new. They are
looking for somewhere new to live to downsize price wise. After working out the
logistics Ireland becomes a possibility. They take a short break to discover what the
Emerald Isle has to offer and discover much more than they ever thought! Drivers
who wave, people who chat, odd and eccentric nuances that they would never have
found in England. I loved this and took to it very early on. It is clearly written from
the heart and with a sense of humour along the way. After much deliberation they
find their dream house and then a solicitor who doesn’t want to to deal with it
because of its problems. Along the way people selling a house who want to live
in it for a year free of charge once it has been purchased. Only in Ireland!
A truly wonderful entertaining read that I highly recommend. Love it and can’t
wait for the next one.
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Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds Nick and Lesley Albert yearn to leave the noise, stress and pollution of modern Britain and
move to the countryside, where the living is good, the air sweet, with space for their dogs
to run free. Suddenly out of work and soon to be homeless, they set off in search of a new
life in Ireland, a country they had never visited. As their adventure began to unfold, not
everything went according to plan. If finding their dream house was difficult, buying it
seemed almost impossible. How would they cope with banks that didn’t want customers,
builders who didn’t need work, or the complex issue of where to buy some chickens? Purchase Links – UK Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075NY9BNN/ Paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1977611605 Audible: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1977611605 USA Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075NY9BNN/ Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1977611605 Audible: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1977611605 Author Bio – Nick Albert was born in England and raised in a Royal Air Force family. After leaving College
he worked in retail management for several years before moving into financial services
where he quickly progressed through the ranks to become a training consultant. As a very
passionate and reasonably talented sportsman, Nick had always wanted to use his training
skills towards creating a parallel career, so in the mid 1980's he qualified and began coaching
sport professionally. After a health scare in 2003 and in search of a simpler life, he and his
wife Lesley, cashed in their investments, sold their home and bought a rundown farmhouse in
the rural west of Ireland - a country they had never before even visited. With little money or
experience and armed only with a do-it-yourself manual, they set about renovating their
new home, where they now live happily alongside a flock of chickens, two ducks and several
unruly, but delightful dogs. In 2017 Nick was signed to Ant Press to write a series of humorous memoirs about his life in
rural Ireland. Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds (book one) was published in September 2017 and
soon became an Amazon bestseller. Book two in the series was published on 1st June 2018
and book 3 in August 2019. Book four is due out in early 2020.

Nick is also the author of the twisty thriller, Wrecking Crew, the first in a series of books
featuring reluctant hero Eric Stone. Social Media Links: https://www.amazon.com/Nick-Albert/e/B00B0126PU/ https://www.facebook.com/author.nick.albert https://www.facebook.com/NickAlbertAuthor/ https://www.nickalbert.co.uk/ https://www.instagram.com/nickalbertauthor/ https://twitter.com/Nickalbertautho http://nickalbert.allauthor.com/ https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6886008.Nick_Albert https://nickalbertauthor.blogspot.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJbnDhXu73jaDz4vqIpK0w/

Sunday, 16 February 2020

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The Woman Downstairs-Elisabeth Carpenter-Suspense Thriller
Can you ever really know your neighbours?”
Sarah lives with her son in a block of flats. She is a journalist student and also works
at the local cafe to help pay the bills. On going out early one morning she finds the
police at the flat below hers- they have found a body which has apparently been there
for at least a couple of years. She thought the flat was empty. No one really knows
who lived there or whom the body may be. She picks up a piece of mail which has
blown from the flat and finds a name. Could this be the deceased person and why has
no one missed them in all that time? Laura lived with her father until he recently
died. She has to find a new job as his savings won’t go very far. Her mother left
several years ago and Laura hasn’t been out of the house for a long time herself.
We know she has some sort of secret but not quite what. Oooh! This got me
enveloped early on and kept me within its pages. I liked the tenacity of Sarah and
felt for the naivety of Laura. A cleverly thought out plot and wonderful
characters. A gripping read.
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Thursday, 13 February 2020

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Erotic Fiction? by Hannah Lynn-humour/ Romcom #GIVEAWAY *****
“So outrageously funny you'll laugh your knickers off!”
Sarah and Drew have two children and a third on the way. They have very little spare
time, even less spare cash and more than a chaotic household Sarah used to work as
a translator from home but with two children she hasn’t had a chance to get back to
it. Drew stumbles upon an idea to make them some money when he accidentally
sees an article about the naughty nanny series of books. Having failed to convince
Sarah to write , he takes it upon himself in secret to write his first erotic fiction
novel.  I was laughing most of the way through this. A household that has an
orange child (from pasta sauce), a husband who is engrossed in his “work”, a school
mum is practically perfect in every way and a work colleague who thinks Paul
l McCarteny is dead.. This is a very easy and highly enjoyable read with a
smile on every page.
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Erotic Fiction? There’s nothing sexy about her humdrum life as a mum. But is her husband’s crazy scheme a bit too exciting? Sarah’s mind-numbing housewife existence is turning her brain to mush. With her third bun in the oven, this British mum is drowning under a mountain of playdates, bills, and head lice checks. But her man’s get-rich-quick idea of writing steamy novels isn’t her ideal way to dial up life’s passion. Drew desperately wants a break from Sarah’s whinging. And if that means researching how to write racy books all by himself, then he’ll make the sacrifice. But as he finally warms Sarah up to the sultry side hustle, their R-rated private project gets publicly exposed… With an office scandal brewing, it’s only a matter of time before gawking workers and a perfectly nosy PTA president turn them into social pariahs. Can Sarah and Drew earn some extra income from sizzling lit without falling prey to stiff gossip? Erotic Fiction is a charming comedy for fans of humorous fiction. If you like sweet love stories, endearing characters, and dry British humor, then you’ll adore Kindle Storyteller Award Winner Hannah Lynn’s delightful tale. Buy Erotic Fiction to slip into something a little more lovable today! Purchase Link http://mybook.to/EroFic

Author Bio – Hannah Lynn is an award-winning novelist. Publishing her first book, Amendments -
a dark, dystopian speculative fiction novel, in 2015, she has since gone on to write
the multi award winning The Afterlife of Walter Augustus - a contemporary fiction
novel with a supernatural twist, Fiona and the Whale – a thought provoking romantic
comedy and the delightfully funny and poignant Peas and Carrots series. While she freely moves between genres, her novels are recognisable for their character
driven stories and wonderfully vivid description. She is currently working on a YA Vampire series and a reimaging of a classic Greek myth. Born in 1984, Hannah grew up in the Cotswolds, UK. After graduating from university,
she has spent twelve years as a teacher of physics, first in the UK and then around
Asia and Europe. It was during this time, inspired by the imaginations of the young
people she taught, she began writing short stories for children, and later adult
fiction. Now as a teacher, writer, wife and mother, she is currently living in the Jordan. Social Media Links – Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HannahLynnAuthor/ Twitter @HMLynnauthor Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13830772.Hannah_M_Lynn Bookbub - https://www.bookbub.com/profile/hannah-lynn

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Five Wakes And A Wedding by Karen Ross-Romantic comedy

“Undertaker Nina Sherwood is your average Millennial with a steady job, a nice
home – and dead bodies in her basement.“

Nina has just opened her first ever shop- Happy Endings. After working for a large chain
and being fed up with them not putting the customers requirements first and having an
ignominious end to that part of her career she decided to become self employed.
Happy Endings is not a book shop as many first thought but a funeral directors. It
turns out that in that area no-one wants to think about death- they seem to pretend
that it doesn’t happen and so for the first few weeks she is left scratching her head
as to ideas to get the ball rolling. I enjoyed this from the off. A lead character who
has wit and charm and her feet firmly planted on the floor. A little humour along the
way always helps, especially with what could be a drab subject and a little romance
along the way. Humour and funerals? Yes it works as does romance and funerals.
Most of the book is about Nina her life before hand and starting up the business-
nothing too morbid at all and a refreshing change to not only have a book about
it but one with a female lead.
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Five Wakes And A Wedding Undertaker Nina Sherwood is full of good advice. For example, never wear lip gloss when
you’re scattering ashes. Nina is your average 30-year-old with a steady job, a nice home – and dead bodies in her
basement. As an undertaker, she often prefers the company of the dead to the living –
they’re obliging, good listeners and take secrets to the grave.   Nina is on a one-woman mission to persuade her peers that passing on is just another
part of life. But the residents of Primrose Hill are adamant that a funeral parlour is the
last thing they need… and they will stop at nothing to close down her dearly beloved shop.   When Nina’s ‘big break’ funeral turns out to be a prank, it seems like it’s the final nail
in the coffin for her new business. That is, until a (tall, dark and) mysterious investor
shows up out of the blue, and she decides to take a leap of faith.   Because, after all, it’s her funeral… The perfect antidote to all those books about weddings, this book will make you laugh
until you cry, perfect for fans of Zara Stoneley’s Bridesmaids, Four Weddings and a
Funeral and The Good Place. Purchase Links UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Five-Wakes-Wedding-Karen-Ross-ebook/dp/B07NXYXFSB US - https://www.amazon.com/Five-Wakes-Wedding-Karen-Ross-ebook/dp/B07NXYXFSB

Author Bio – As a former journalist, broadcaster and advertising copywriter, Karen Ross
has followed a fairly traditional path into writing fiction. Five Wakes and a Wedding is
her fourth book, and like its predecessors, the novel has two common threads: the
setting is London’s Primrose Hill – Karen’s own neighbourhood – and one of the characters
is a dog . . . this time he’s called Chopper and he’s almost the same size as a Shetland Pony Karen has been self-employed for many years, and continues to work as a marketing
consultant, in the absence of an offer to manage Tottenham Hotspur. By way of
credentials, her other ‘job’ is trading profitably on the world’s first football
stockmarket, a platform called Football Index, where you buy and sell players with
real money. Social Media Links – @ComedyKaren https://karenross.online/

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A Dozen Second Chances

A Dozen Second Chances by Kate Field - Contemporary Romance/Romcom

"What are the chances that twelve little tokens could change a life?"
Eve works in a school as a P.A. She gave up her dream of archeology when her sister died
leaving a two year old daughter Caitlyn. Eve has since brought up Caitlyn as her own and
left archeology and a past love Paddy, behind her when he walked out at a critical time in
her life. Caitlyn has now become a young woman and is off to Paris to work as an au pair.
On leaving she gives Eve a collection of cards each with the instructions that she is to be
kind to herself. She has to fill them in with something she has done to fulfill this and then
send it to Caitlyn. I took to this very early on. It struck a chord with being kind to yourself-
sometimes we put others first in life and forget ourselves in the process. Selfish is very
different to self care. Eve had good principles, was selfless , passionate over some things
and had a steely determination- something I like in a lead character.  A grandmother
who provided not only grounding but wonderful laughs. A book that is more than a
good story, a book with a message. One of hope and love, not to look over your
shoulder too much but to reach forward in life. One life - live it!
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A Dozen Second Chances What are the chances that twelve little tokens could change a life? Seventeen years ago, Eve Roberts had the wonderful life she’d always dreamed of: a
degree in archaeology, a gorgeous boyfriend, and exciting plans to travel the world
with him, working on digs. But when her sister Faye died, the life Eve knew ended too.
Faye’s daughter Caitlyn came to live with Eve, her boyfriend left, and she quickly gave
up on her dreams. Now approaching her fortieth birthday, Eve faces the prospect of an empty nest as
Caitlyn is leaving home. Caitlyn gives Eve a set of twelve ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ vouchers,
telling her that she has to start living for herself again, and that she should fill one i
n every time she does something to treat herself. With her very first voucher, Eve’s life will change its course. But with eleven more
vouchers to go, can Eve learn to put herself first and follow the dreams she’s kept
secret for so long? Because life is for living – and as she well knows, it’s too short
to waste even a moment… Purchase Link - https://amzn.to/2VCh3ce

Author Bio – Kate Field writes contemporary women’s fiction, mainly set in her favourite county
of Lancashire where she lives on the edge of the moors with her husband, daughter
and cat. Her debut novel won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon
Award for new writers. Social Media Links – Twitter: @katehaswords Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateFieldAuthor/

The Note

The Note- Andrew Barrett- 5* A short story written in the first person by CSI Eddie Collins. Eddie is the sort of bloke who calls a s...