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Every dog has his day by Chloe Grace -Cozy mystery/humour
Albie is a dog. A beagle to be exact. He and his friend Cleo the cat (yes it’s possible as Albie
explains) have moved house as their owner Millie died. They first went to an animal shelter
which was rather a shock after living in the lap (literally) of luxury having lived in a mansion
with a butler and Bentley. They have gone to live with Bella who much to his amazement
Albie finds can understand every word he says as well as Cleo the cat. He is convinced
that Millie died under suspicious circumstances and so begins the trail of finding out
who and why. They are used to living the high life and although life with Bella isn’t quite
so grand as before they have everything they want and a huge amount of TLC. What
more could any pet desire? Albie can understand humans although not read and
being a dog has it’s advantages of being able to sneak innocently around. What
more could an amateur detective wan? I’m a huge dog lover so in no way found
it strange for a dog to be talking (well they do- don’t they?).
I really enjoyed this. A short read (novella- perhaps a couple of hours)
with a smile on every page.
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Every dog has his day They say every dog has his day. Well, today I've certainly had mine. Hey, I'm Albertus Eagle and it turns out I'm an unwitting pet detective. I haven't always been
such a successful legal beagle, but when I'm confronted with a case that is so personal
I can't ignore it, I discover I have a passion for finding those who don't want to be found. Cleo the cat. Well, she came along for the ride too. So, sure I've had my day today, but not in the sense of being past my prime. To the contrary,
the fun is just starting. And I am buzzing with a new purpose, mixed with a tiny amount of
vindictive elation. Why? Because, I've not only found myself a new home after the untimely demise of my previous
owner, but I've also made amends with the cat. It turns out she's not that bad, really. On top of that though, and this is what really sends shivers racing all the way down my
spine to my paws, is that we've fingered a killer. How? Because you human’s, you underestimate us animals. And while you go about your business
ignoring our very existence, the cat and I are listening and taking notes. This is the first full length novel in the Albertus Eagle detective beagle series of animal cozy
mysteries, starring Albertus Eagle, and his two sidekicks, Cleo the cat and Bella Schuhmann,
the smart human who actually understands him. In this wonderful full length book packed
with humour and satire, we see the world of murder and intrigue set up through the eyes
of a loyal dog turned amateur sleuth.
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Author Bio – Chloe Grace is the cozy mystery pen name for romantic mystery author,
Karen Botha. While she doesn’t understand animals quite as well as Bella in the
Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle cozy mysteries, she does chat along to her rescue dog,
Shadow, pretty much all day. And she’s sure that he chats back. Chloe lives with Shadow and her hubby in a small outpost of London city—funnily
enough it’s a little like where Bella and Albie live. As a family they like to go on walks
in the local woods and throw a tennis ball until their respective arms ache, which is
usually before Shadow shows any hint of exhaustion. While her first romance novels were inspired by true life events, the Albertus Eagle
series are complete imagination – although her conversations with Shadow can’t be ignored. Social Media Links – SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST - VISIT HER WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM -

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Mother's Mistake: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller by [Heald, Ruth]

The Mothers Mistake Ruth Heald-Psychological thriller
Claire and Matt have just moved house. They lived in the city both having successful
careers but when a baby came along they moved into a house belonging to Matt’s mother
that was originally his grandmothers. Claire is struggling with motherhood. All the things
she thought it would be are not and she is finding it increasingly difficult not helped by
that Ruth has promised to clear it out and hasn’t done a thing. The house was promised
rent free until they could save a deposit for one of their own. Ruth, Matt’s mother comes
and goes as she pleases as“its my house” and Claire keeps finding things have moved
which Matt at times doesn’t believe on the basis that she was ill before and is worried
that this is a recurrence. In occasional sections we get the story of a woman who is
beaten and controlled by her husband so much so that she doesn't go out, has no
friends and is not allowed interaction with others. We don’t know who this is. Claire
was keener to move than Matt. Does he have a reason for this as he has told Claire
little about his childhood? There is an undercurrent of various tensions even within
the early stages of this book. Ruth- is she trying to help or has she another motive?
Matt and his past. Claire and her illness and losing a baby beforehand.
This is a very well written piece and one that makes you slightly anxious (or at
least it did me!). I thought I knew who the culprit was but not why.
A clever well researched book.

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Monday, 10 June 2019

Instant Indian - Classic Foods from Every Region of India Made Easy in the Instant Pot by
Rinku Bhattacharya-cook book
This is an interesting book I originally thought the instant pot was a slow cooker- turns out not,

however all is not lost as the receipes can easily be adapted. An instant pot in case like me
you have not heard of it is more like a pressure cooker.  A pan and/or a slow cooker would
easily replace it, however would take a little longer to cook The book is divided into eleven
sections ranging from a section on the diversity of indian cooking and the regions, spices
etc, breakfast and snacks through to soups, meats and desserts. There are also sections on
drinks and chutneys, so an all encompassing book. There are pictures of several of the
dishes, which always helps when preparing them- nice to know what they should look
like! For each recipe the total time is given as well as the preparation time, and cooking
times- sometimes split into different sections (eg saute time) which is useful.
I love cooking and authentic recipes rather than the commercial versions which you
very often get. I look forward to yummy curries and more!
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Instant Indian - Classic Foods from Every Region of India Made Easy in the Instant Pot Discover favorite foods from all over India with the first regional Indian cookbook authorized by
Instant Pot! Rinku Bhattacharya — cookbook author and founder of Spice Chronicles — has put together a
collection of 100 authentic recipes that showcase the diversity and range of the foods of India,
where every state and region boasts its own unique dishes. Whether you crave takeout
favorites or want to be introduced to lesser-known specialties, this cookbook brings the
best of India to your table in an instant! The Instant Pot® lends itself perfectly to Indian recipes, making flavorful, nutritious Indian
fare (like simmering-all-day dals, legumes and all manner of curries) in minutes instead of
hours. Instant Indian features numerous vegetarian and vegan options , and nearly all
recipes are gluten-free. With step-by-step instructions and color photos throughout, Instant Indian makes Indian
cooking easy and fool-proof using all the functions of this popular appliance. Purchase Links US - UK - About Rinku Bhattacharya ​ Rinku Bhattacharya ( was born in India, and now lives in a house with a
vibrant backyard in Hudson Valley, New York with her husband, an avid gardener, and their
two children. Rinku’s simple, sustainable approach to Indian cooking is showcased on her
blog, Spice Chronicles, and in her Journal News column “Spices and Seasons.” Rinku has been teaching recreational cooking classes for the past nine years, and works
extensively with local area farmer’s markets on seasonal demonstrations and discussions.
Rinku is also the author of The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles (Hippocrene Books, 2012),
winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2013 for Best Indian Cuisine. She
writes for the Poughkeepsie Journal, the Journal News, and several online sites, and
is a frequent guest on CT Style TV.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Friend who Lied by Rachel Amphlett-psychological thriller
Lisa wakes up in hospital and feels black and blue. She dare not look under the sheets
at her stomach as once she has seen it she can’t unsee it.and it feels bad, very bad.
She quickly realises that if she is alive then someone else must be dead. Her
friend Hayley visits her but before she can find out what has happened Hayley is
sent away as visiting time is well over. Lisa knows Simon was her donor but she
cannot for the life of her remember what happened. A group of them were out at
The Escape room to celebrate her birthday. The next thing she finds she is in
hospital. What on earth has happened and why is everyone being so secretive?
Oooh!!! This is one of those reads that makes you sit on the edge of your seat.
Each chapter is headed by the person telling that part of the story- Hayley,
Bec, Lisa, David. Each have their secrets and there is another secret that has
bound them together- a person went missing years before - something they
have all sworn secrecy to. I kept turning faster and faster as each time a
chapter ended it was as though another question was poised.
One question answered another one to ponder.
A very clever and well thought out plot. A captivating read.
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Book Description:

What she doesn’t know might kill her...

Lisa Ashton receives a last-minute reprieve from death two weeks before her birthday. Regaining consciousness, she is horrified to learn one of her friends has been killed – and saved her life.

As she recovers, she uncovers a trail of carefully guarded reputations, disturbing rumours, and lies. Soon, Lisa begins to wonder if one of her friends is hiding a terrible secret. 

Because five of them entered the escape room that day, and only four got out alive. 

And someone is determined to cover their tracks before she can find out the truth.

Can Lisa find the killer before someone else dies?

The Friend Who Lied: a twisted psychological thriller from USA Today bestseller Rachel Amphlett – perfect for fans of The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley and Friend Request by Laura Marshall.  

Author Bio:

Before turning to writing, USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett played guitar in bands, worked as a TV and film extra, dabbled in radio as a presenter and freelance producer for the BBC, and worked in publishing as a sub-editor and editorial assistant.
She now wields a pen instead of a plectrum and writes crime fiction and spy novels, including the Dan Taylor and English Spy Mysteries espionage novels and theDetective Kay Hunter British police procedural series.
She’s a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint, and the first four books in the Dan Taylor espionage series contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag.
Praise for Rachel Amphlett
“Thrilling start to a new series. Scared to Death is a stylish, smart and gripping crime thriller” ~ Robert Bryndza, USA Today bestselling author ofThe Girl in the Ice
“Scared to Death… moves along at breakneck speed with twists and turns” ~ Angela Marsons, bestselling author of the Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series.
Social Media Links: 
Twitter: @RachelAmphlett
Instagram: @RachelAmphlett
Facebook: Rachel Amphlett
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The Whisper Man by [North, Alex]
The Whisper Man by Alex North-Crime/thriller

Tom and his son Jake have decided to move house following the death of Tom’s wife who
Jake found and hence has terrible memories. A fresh start is required and he buys a
property in Featherbank. Twenty years ago, five children went missing in the area and
the perpetrator, Frank Carter, admitted to four but refused to give away where the
remains of the fifth child was. Detective Inspector Peter Willis is the only person Frank
will speak with and he taunts him every time knowing he may have information that
Pete needs. They are suspicions that he may have had an accomplice but nothing was
ever found to verify this. When a young boy goes missing everyone wonders if the
Whisper man, as Frank was known as, is back. Jake meanwhile is hearing things and
talking to imaginary friends- or are they. Tom wonders if he has seen or heard more
than he realises and Jake could be in danger. A dark read in places but nothing to give
you nightmares. I understand that this is likely to be made into a film- I may just be
watching from behind the sofa! It has that air of chill about it and one that you want
to keep reading but are not sure about doing so but you have to in order to find out
what happens. I liked Tom and Jake. Their relationship was portrayed well and each
character had some background rather than “just the plot”. There is emotion, a
little humour (in the right places) and characters that come to life.
A highly enjoyable read. “ If you leave a door half open, You’ll hear the whispers
spoken” . Sleep well…….

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Introducing Michael Joseph’s thriller of the year Publishing in 18 countries around the world and with a major Hollywood fi lm in the making from the directors of the Avengers franchise, The Whisper Man is an unnerving, unpredictable and completely unforgettable psychological chiller set to have hearts pounding globally. If you leave the door half open, you will hear the whispers spoken... Still devastated after the loss of his wife, Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake move to the sleepy village of Featherbank, looking for a fresh start. But Featherbank has a dark past. Fifteen years ago a twisted serial killer abducted and murdered fi ve young boys. Until he was fi nally caught, the killer was known as ‘The Whisper Man’. Of course, an old crime need not trouble Tom and Jake as they try to settle in to their new home. Except that now another young boy has gone missing, stirring up rumours that the original killer was always known to have an accomplice. And then Jake begins acting strangely. He says he hears a whispering at his window...

“Alex North has achieved the seemingly impossible. The Whisper Man is a thriller that is both terrifying and utterly heartbreaking. Mesmerising and masterful” Mark Billingham “A dark, creepy, thriller with a huge amount of heart. Damn, but Alex North can write!” Stuart MacBride “A novel about the dark places that are recognisably our own, The Whisper Man plays on our emotions as much as on our fears. A tremendous calling card for the brilliant Alex North” Mick Herron “Fantastic. He writes beautifully, with a powerful understanding of the effects of loss and damage on the human psyche and a style that sweeps you into its grip and never lets go. I’m totally sold on Alex North” Alex Marwood “A fine, chilling tale. Alex North paints a world that is so believable and at the same time utterly terrifying. The characters are beautifully rendered, and the tenderness of the central relationship between father and son deepened the sense of terror” James Oswald “Compelling, creepy and beautifully written, The Whisper Man will stay with you long after the last page is turned - and make you doublecheck all your doors and windows are locked at night” T. M. Logan “Deliciously creepy and kept me up long after I’d turned the last page” Jenny Blackhurst “Utterly absorbing and intense, so deliciously creepy I think I held my breath for half the book. I couldn’t walk away from this affecting story until it was done with me. Loved it!” Angela Clarke “The Whisper Man is going to be huge. Dark enough to chill your blood but so beautifully written you will not be able to put it down. Utterly brilliant” Ali Land, Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Me, Bad Me “Beautifully written. Beautifully plotted. Shades of Thomas Harris and Stephen King but brilliant in its own right” CJ Tudor, author of The Chalk Man “Gripping, disturbing, and creepy as hell - The Whisper Man deserves to be a huge hit. Absorbing writing, characters that will live with you long after finishing, and guaranteed to show up in a nightmare or three. Heartbreaking and unsettling in equal measure, it’s destined to be the book that will readers won’t be able to forget” Luca Veste “Wonderfully dark, gently creepy and completely bloody heartbreaking. Alex North is a fantastic writer. The Whisper Man left me in pieces” Susi Holliday “A nerve-shredding emotional rollercoaster that’ll keep you up late at night, whether you’re still reading it or not. A compulsive read that’s sure to give you nightmares” Ed James, bestselling author of The Hope That Kills “A phenomenal read. Terrifying and heartbreaking in equal measure and if it wasn’t so hot I’d definitely be sleeping with the windows shut tonight! The Whisper Man will be the book everyone’s talking about next summer, mark my words” Michelle Davies, author of Gone Astray “There’s a soft voice outside your window and it demands your attention. The Whisper Man is coming. In fact, he’s already here. Get ready to be unnerved. This novel is thrilling.” Brad Meltzer “The Whisper Man is a tour de force, utterly absorbing and brilliantly realised” Mel McGrath, bestselling author of Give Me The Child

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Anna- Patricia Dixon- - Womens Fiction
Anna is sitting in a car heading to a funeral. The family are with her however her head is in
various different places. The funeral is that of her husband Matthew, a man she has recently
found out was keeping a secret from her. One she found out quite by accident and hasn’t
been able to tell anyone else about. Her mother is as usual being her awkward self and
providing the frocky horror show. Her children, now young adults are doing their level best
to keep everyone happy. When Anna hears her brother Phil whispering to her best friend,
Anna has a lightbulb moment..After a while she decides to take herself on holiday having
seen an ad in a magazine for a cooking course. She enjoys the trip more than she realises
and finds that she is beginning to let go of the past. She still doesn't know who the woman
is who she saw with Matthew but is determined to find out.

Oh my. Patricia is a master of words and at least twice brought me to tears (and more
times with laughter) with this. A wonderful letter from a mother to her children and the
description of the types of kisses. “outside the chippy with salt and vinegar on your lips..”.
A little humour amongst the brilliant descriptions. I loved Anna ( and Daniel) and felt in a
way that I knew them (or very much wanted to if they are based on real people).
This is written from the heart, from experience of people and of life with all its ups and
downs and how sometimes that smallest things, the tiniest gesture can make your heart
sing. Sometimes when bad things happen you can’t for the life of you think how any good
can ever come out of it”  Wise words- and as many of us know things do make you
stronger. A story of life, of love, of troubles, and overcoming them. One to remember
and make you smile. Love life.

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Set on the coast of Portsmouth and the beautiful Loire Valley, this is the story of Anna. A married
mother of three, the unremarkable rock of her family is content with her life until she discovers
that Matthew, her husband of 22 years, is having an affair. Consumed by hurt and tainted memories, Anna’s life is turned upside down by first betrayal
and then loss. Her confidence totally destroyed, she is tormented by the spectre of Matthew’s
unknown lover. Whilst keeping the secret of his affair from her family, Anna must find her way
through the pain alone.
With one son on the other side of the world, another about to enter a war zone and her daughter
off to university, her life gradually begins to crumble. A shock discovery, an unwelcome revelation
and an advert in a magazine are the catalysts for her road to recovery. Can Anna find peace and learn to love again?

Author Bio Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grow
n up children and one grandson.  Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the
world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London
life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood.  Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned
her hand to writing. Patricia has written a total of eight novels, the latest is due for release in
March 2019.

Amazon Author Page Twitter  @pbadixon Email -  Facebook Links Author Page Profile Page

The Note

The Note- Andrew Barrett- 5* A short story written in the first person by CSI Eddie Collins. Eddie is the sort of bloke who calls a s...