Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Cry From The Grave A Thrilling Psychological Crime Mystery (Harry Briscombe Book 1)

Cry from the Grave- Carolyn Mahony 4*

Six years ago Hannah lived with her violent boyfriend and their baby.
One day he forced her to put the baby out in the garden and she was never seen again.
Today Adam is digging a site for a barbeque area and unearths some bones.
His wife Natasha is of rather a nervous disposition and they are not getting on so well after he
found that she was having an affair.
Is the skeleton that of Hannah’s baby Sophie and if so how did she end up in a garden several miles
from home? What is behind Natasha’s rather odd character and what is she hiding?
A brilliantly written book that although I could see what was coming still kept me turning
the pages. A highly enjoyable read.

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