Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Truth or Dead- TJ Brearton- 3*  
A woman receives a call on her way to work- deliver a package to the prison where she works or her two daughters get hurt. They know what they are wearing and where they are. She can also be seen. Shortly afterwards the man in prison dies and Heather is about to turn herself in. Special Agent Tom Lange has a feeling that this traves back to a known felon but can’t prove it- yet. I am not usually into American cop thrillers but this one was quite a page turner. I did feel that some of the acronyms could have done with explaining for those of us on this side of the pond who are not so familiar with them as we are with British ones. You felt for Heather being put in this position and Tom is doing his best to sort things out for her as is her attorney, Robert who she knows through her now deceased husband. An interesting complex case written with a little humour and characters that have a little background which I always like.

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