Thursday, 14 December 2017


Fifty Years of Fear- Ross Greenwood 5** **MY AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2017*****

There are writers, good writers and ones that have the power of words to captivate
you in an instant. Ross has this in spades. Fifty years of fear tells the story of Vincent
from when he is 14 and his brother Frank who is a couple of years older. From his
father having a stroke and how the family rallies round to sort things out to his first
holiday on his own. Vincent ends up in prison and to start with he really believes
his innocence despite having eventually pleaded guilty to save his victim the
anxiety of going to court. The story tells of his thoughts and how he changes
along the way and finds out some of his past that he never realised. Ross gives his
characters life from their descriptions and actions in such a way that you feel you almost
know them. This is an incredibly powerful book that I was thinking about long after
I had finished it.
I read around 240+ books per year. Less than 10% are awarded my own 5** rating.
This is truly one of them and my author of the year for 2017.
I can’t recommend this highly enough

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