Wednesday, 4 December 2019

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What She Saw Last Night -MJ Cross- Psychological thriller
Jenny boards a sleeper train in London headed for Scotland. On the way to her
compartment she sees a woman with a small girl who has dropped her toy rabbit.
Jenny picks it up and hands it back to her. Early in the morning a call of nature wakes
Jenny and she heads out to find the ladies. She sees a hand wedged in the door of the
compartment where the woman was and finds that she is dead. When reported to
both the police and train staff no-one has any knowledge of the girl or a man that
Jenny saw go into the compartment between her and the woman and girl. The
sergeant who arrived on the train when the incident first happened-DS Mike Fletcher
has an inclination to believe Jenny but there is nothing either on ticket bookings or
CCTV from the station to support that the girl was on the train. His DI Porter insists
that its case closed- the woman was an addict and a needle was found at her side,
the post mortem confirming the cause of death. Jenny (for some reason unknown)
can’t let this go and take it on herself to investigate with Mike’s help. OMG. One
of those reads where I wanted to turn faster and faster- come on brain keep up!
I took to both Jenny and Mike. Short chapters keep the pace flowing, each ending
with a tantaliser that kept me turning. I devoured this needless to say in 24 hours
- always the sign of a good book very well written in my humble opinion. Loved
this. One to enjoy and envelop you.
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