Monday, 2 August 2021


Dear Grace- Clare Swatman-Commercial Women’s fiction

I loved this from pretty much the beginning- there's that special quality about

it that you just know you are in for a treat. Anna is a carer and goes to a new

client- ninety four years young Grace- who has that gift of seeing people and

knowing what is behind their eyes. Very quickly the two become friends and

Anna treasures Grace’s wisdom of experience whilst Grace treasures Anna’s

friendship and extra special help. Grace was stood up at the altar more than

seventy years ago and Anna has had her own heartache being recently divorced

after her husband cheated on her. The two bond through talking about their

own experiences and then rather a surprise or two for both of them.

I can’t say how much I loved this. It reminded me of a very treasured friendship

of my own. A book that wrapped itself around me like a hug in a blanket, just

when I needed re-assuring of the goodness of (wo)mankind. If you want a book

to think about and one that is uplifting then this could be it. There is a wiseness

in life experience whatever others may think and often one to be treasured.

About 10% of the books I read per year ( around 230 total-)I give 5** to- those

that have that something special, that life affirming quality and this is most

certainly one of them. Brilliantly written- I'd love to see this as a film, but make

sure I have the kleenex and that's without any sad bits- it's just one for me

that stirred the emotions in a very good way. We could all do with someone

in our lives like this- someone to Grace us with their experience. Stunning 

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