Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dying to see you - Kerena Swan-4*  
Sophie is a single mum to two girls. She keeps having that feeling that she is being
watched and maybe followed. The bus stop across the road from her house has
shadows and she can’t quite work out if it is her imagination or not. Max is an
estate agent with an elderly mother. His mother although needing care is not
quite what she seems and has her moments- in more ways than one could imagine.
When Max meets Sophie and they take to each other their lives change, at least for
one party. The other has even more secrets to keep. This is an interesting read.
Some is written in the first party which took me a little while to get into, however
once I did it kept me enthralled. You just know that something is going to happen
and you might even think what. But was I right? I won’t spoil it. An enthralling read.
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