Thursday, 28 June 2018

Dirty Secrets- Janice Frost-
A man is found with a bullet through his head by his wife who has been away looking after
her daughter and family. Suicide? She is adamant that it isn’t. The victim was in business
with a partner whom he regularly argued with, apparently in a good/’business way so no
motive there. When the partners family domestic help also is killed there is more than a
tentative link. What is behind the business and families and why all the secrets?
DI Jim Neal and DC Ava Merry have a plot with more threads than a little to deal with.
Is Hector dealing drugs? Is Ruth’s boyfriend back involved in drugs and if so why?  
Neal’s past catches up with him in the form of his sons mother. Will there be a
reconciliation? This is one of those reads that you feel comfortable with from the
start. Characters that you take to easily and a plot to keep you drawn into the
pages. Subplots to keep the action moving and backgrounds to make the
characters real. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
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