Sunday, 10 June 2018

Thirteen- Steve Cavanagh- 5** Crime/psychological thriller/courtroom
Prepare not to put this down!!! Eddie is a lawyer and a good one at that. His past is rather murky
but he has managed to erase any trace of it. Kane is a killer who is good at characterisation.
When Eddie gets called in to a celebrity case by a TV lawyer he is a little sceptical to say the
least but then having met the accused his gut feel is that he is innocent and so feels he should
be a part of the team. Kane meanwhile is working his own magic to put himself exactly where
he wants to be. OMG. This is one of those reads that you want to just sit, stop the world and
keep going until the very end. It drew me in from the word go and kept me dangling on a thread
.I wanted to find out what happens but at the same time I didn’t want the book to end.
This is so very well written. The suspense is brilliant , the plot incredibly clever. A courtroom
drama but with so much more. I loved Eddie and would want him on my side- a rogue but a
very lovable one that at times you can’t help smile at. This is one of my 5** reads- which
I award to about 10% of the books I read per year (around 220 in total) so very few achieve
this. Stunning just doesn’t cover it. Neither does gripping. If ever a book was a must read
then this is it. I very much look forward to the next book from Steve and hope Eddie makes
an appearance!
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