Friday, 1 June 2018

The Sister Swap- Fiona Collins
Meg lives in London and runs her own modelling agency which means she if full on all
of the time. Her sister lives in their old family home in the depths of the countryside
with her two grown children. When Meg collapses at work, she is instructed to take
2 months off- much to her horror. The only place she can think to go is her sister’s.
One small issue- they have not spoken for 15 years. By chance Sarah has been given
a chance at her old job at an events company to cover maternity leave so the two
sisters swap abodes and lives. This is one of those feel good reads that makes you
smile. A townie ending up on her backside in a cowpat, a country girl feeling out
of place in a busy city. Things we have all either done or been close to so can
easily picture. The ups and downs of life where ever we reside. A wonderfully
uplifting read
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