Wednesday, 27 May 2020

#MeToo: this year's MUST READ psychological suspense by [Patricia Dixon]
Me Too- Patricia Dixon- Psychological thriller
Billie is making connections with her past in the form of Stan, her ex partner. For a
while now Billie has been living in Greece. Whilst she was away working, Stan had a
new grirlfriend Kelly who accused him of rape and he is now serving six years inside
Strageways having been found guilty. He vehemently denies the charge and wants
to get back on track. His true love is Billie and when she goes to visit him he gets the
boost he needs to get through his sentence. He has hired a private detective to try
and find out more for an appeal. Billie has a secret, a surprise for Stan something that
will hopefully make him even more determined to see things through. Billie goes to
see Aiden, the private detective and ends up almost back in her old role of being a
detective. Ooooh boy! One of those where you know something is just around the
corner but not which way the cookie is going to crumble. This is partly based on a
true story, the author forward tells us that although shrouded in fiction the premise
is true and this is dedicated to all victims, something that gave me a shudder when
I read the author forward (there is nothing too descriptive in the book to upset
anyone). I liked Billie and her determination and felt for her angst in playing her part. 
A truly brilliant read that had my emotions all over the place. Stunning
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