Tuesday, 6 November 2018


The Perfect Family- Shalini Boland-
Gemma is having a nightmare of a day and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Her youngest
daughter Katie has gone out of the front door and wandered off. Thankfully soon found
this then makes Gemma late for an important meeting at work. Her phone rings during
the meeting and despite initially ignoring it, her older daughter’s school is demanding
that she comes and collects her immediately. On going back to her car she finds it has
graffiti on it with the words “Bad mother”. Could any or all of these be linked?
Meanwhile, in alternating chapters a female is running away from someone violent, one
whom if he finds her she thinks could kill. Gemma's mother in law suggests getting a
nanny and when Sadie arrives Gemma’s life is not so turbulent however she is not sure
about having a pretty young nanny around the house. Shalini has the skill and talent that
draws you in, even a short time into the book. Believable well rounded characters
that you take to (or not!) and a plot that develops chapter by chapter, which are kept
to a nice level to keep the flow and pace. I didn’t see where this was going. Shalini
is one of my “go-to” authors and this book bears this out. If you like a psychological
thriller to mess with your head, throw you around a little and not be quite sure
where you are going to land- then Shalini’s books could just be your cup of tea.

An Excellent read
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