Friday, 11 January 2019

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker

The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker-Jenni Keer  
One of the most uplifting, wonderful reads I have had the pleasure of reading. I can see
this being a huge success in 2019. Lucy works at a toy company and loves it. Her mother
however has greater aspirations for her younger daughter and Lucy constantly lives in
the shadow of her elder sister. A new manager has been appointed following the
retirement of the last one and things are set to change. Lucy’s elderly neighbour
is rather a character and gives Lucy a necklace with an unusual charm on it- one
that Lucy is convinced that the words inside have changed since being given it.
Apparently it will help her find the love of her life. Lucy isn’t convinced but goes
along with it to keep a harmonious relationship intact. She is close to Brenda
and saddened when she is diagnosed with the early stages of dementia.
George lives nearby and appears to be rather  socially inept. He says hello
and that’s about it, until Lucy finds a stray cat. George insists he is allergic and couldn’t
possibly keep it. When she sees that he has bought rather an extravagant act activity
tower, Lucy detects there may be more to this man than he is letting on. I liked Lucy.
She comes across well- from her hand knitted Poldark to her kind deeds and fun
loving nature. I truly loved this book- I smiled and I cried. We could all do with a
Brenda in our lives. “Sometimes a little something can mean everything”
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