Friday, 25 January 2019

My Mother the Psychopath- Olivia Rayne-Biography /Crime/ abuse
A brave book, an interesting read. One many people should read to know about others.
When you hear “the truth is stranger than fiction”  read on…..Where do I begin...
This is a difficult one to write. Not because of the book but because there are many
people who perhaps don’t quite realise to what extent that not all mothers are
caring and loving and may not want to know about how others have suffered, not
that they are naive, these things just don’t come to light until something really bad
happens. We hear of “psychopathic” killers, do we ever consider that they are
also perhaps parents? They don’t have to be a murderer to be this way and inflict
torture on others and make their lives a misery, a living nightmare. Oh heck, misery
doesn’t even begin to cover it. Olivia gives her life story. Each chapter is fronted
by a little more about the traits of psychopaths and how her mother demonstrated
this particular trait as Olivia grows up.  Josephine does occasionally show kindness
and shower gifts on Olivia- other psychopaths can be even more narcissistic and
not show kindness at all- other than to the rest of the world who thinks they are
wonderful and entertaining. They only think about how the world sees them and
how others think of them. “They are excellent conversationalists, able to tell the
most plausible stories in a powerful and authentic way” . Olivia realises early on
that there is something not right about Josephine and begins to spot the signs
when she is about “to turn”. Her Father appears powerless and does his best
but is ruled and overruled by a much stronger character. A story of a child who
early on realises something is amiss. For many this may not happen until well
into adulthood with all of the consequences that may entail.
I salute you Olivia not only for writing this, but for being able to let go.
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