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Divorce Decree- Nesly Clerge

Jake Adams is a hard worker. The trouble he has is finding a job or jobs that pay well
enough. He is determined that he is going to have the right start for him and his
girlfriend Stephanie. By chance he finds a second part time job and one thing leads to
another. They move towns again and again trying to make a better life for themselves.
Stephanie has aborted twice as they couldn’t afford to keep themselves, let alone a
child despite this being what they both want, just not now. Eventually through tears
and hardships, romance and arguments they get to the point they can afford to marry.
The book begins with Jake running away from a second marriage, remembering what
has gone before. Nesly has a way with his characters that you almost feel as if you are
watching them on the TV so real is the writing. We have all seen the TV programmes
where couples argue and hiss and spit at each other. Can things really get that bad…..?
Love can turn to hate- a strong word but maybe when you have been so close
it’s not difficult to get that distant, knowing how the other thinks and will act make
the moves even quicker and feeling escalate rapidly. I very quickly got into this and
had a felt for Jake (to start with), doing his utmost to keep their heads above water
whilst trying to hold down a relationship he thought he would die for and live the
rest of his days with the person he thought was the one.  However he is a control
freak and possibly tendencies to OCD, something that can be very difficult to live
with. Most divorces are not so acrimonious but we all know the horror stories.
An interesting read of what goes on behind closed doors, of the infighting that
love can sadly lead to.
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