Thursday 16 April 2020

-Landsliding by Mandy Jameson-   Thriller

A tense thriller about relationships and long-held secrets that break out with
potentially devastating results.”

Julia has a son Matty, and they live together after her husband Harry walked out
one day never to return. Her close friends are Vicki and Caroline and since she has
been on her own their husbands have been helpful if Julia has required a hand with
something. Julia then meets Brendan who appears to feel threatened by others and
is very protective of Julia and Matty and alienates her from her friends. The story is
told from various perspectives from each of the main characters so we understand
their thinking and rationale.  It appears Brendan has secrets, something Julia herself
has, however Brendans are affecting his demeanour and behaviour. He sends
letters to Vicki’s husband and to Julias boss. Caro is determined to find out more
as the last thing she wants is her friend in a disastrous relationship. A story with
twists and turns, of secrets and lies, good and bad. I found myself slightly anxious
towards the end and turning faster and faster willing my brain to read even
quicker- which has to be a good sign of a gripping read.
A different read and an exciting one. 

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