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The Silent Chapter


The Silent Chapter- Katherine Blakeman- Historical fiction (WW 1 to WW2)

A stunning read of wartime, bravery and history. This is the story of Dorothy and Patrick back around the time of the first world war and beyond. Patrick came from a rigid middle class family and thought that everyone called their father “ father-sir” such was his father Bruce’s hold on the family. Dotties family, although working class, still wanted to be thought of as    “ respectable” and as soon as she was stepping out with Patrick her father threw her out. Prior to this several in the family had lost their jobs as they were “associated” with one of them who spoke out. Sadly such was life for many at that time. Dottie and her friends were suffragists- the non violent, more verbal versions of the suffragette movement starting to want equal rights for women.This tells of their life together and of life's ups and downs, the wars, social history and much more.

 This is a well written account of life at that time and the era is portrayed very clearly. Bruce was a patriarchal narcissist who indoctrinated his children- something that sadly can still exist in both genders. I found this was a real page turner whilst despising Bruce and longing for the women to fight back. So well is this written that it stirred such emotions. I felt for Edna, Dorothy and the women in general. Dorothy was made of sterner stuff but society dictated otherwise most of the time. To give an idea of the harshness of that society- women were not “allowed” to speak in church (other than sing and say amen) doing so would bring shame on the whole family. Thankfully, how things have changed due to the bravery of women of that era and beyond in most parts of the world. A brilliantly written emotive read- one I shall not forget in a hurry. Stunning.

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How far can one couple be pushed?

On a mud-caked Manchester lakeside at Christmas 1918, the unlikeliest of romance blossoms. One a disturbed ex-soldier and the other a headstrong ex-suffragist, yet Patrick and Dorothy Hammond fit together like pieces of a jigsaw. The quiet village of Little Wychwood is just the place for them to escape the confines of their old lives. There, at last, they are free to realise their dreams: restoring a farm and starting a family.

Except it’s not quite as simple as that. Things start to go wrong very quickly, and the Hammonds are swung around and around on an emotional trapeze as they battle their way through the next forty years. With their own families being rocked apart and revealing horrifying secrets, not to mention the wars they fight inside their own minds, will they manage to hold it all together for the sake of their children, their faith... and their village?

Perfect for fans of Rachel Hore and Lyn Andrews, prepare to be swept away as this enchanting tale of love, loss and forgiveness is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Content Warning: domestic abuse, child loss and suicide.

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