Saturday, 17 February 2018


Briguella- Vicki Fitzgerald- 5*
This is a very different crime/psychological thriller. Written from two points of view
in the first person it gives wonderful descriptions from each side in mostly alternating
chapters. this to me gave it a very personal feel from each perspective and made
me want to know more. Kate is a reporter and has her own demons to deal with
having lost a baby to miscarriage and a relationship with her husband which has
drifted in the meantime. Like any other journalist,  she is keen to get a good story
that will put her on the front page. The other side of the story is from DCI Beckley.
Two women have been found murdered with the same MO. There are clues that
these may not be the first from this killer. Forensics find other details that link the
women, unique to these cases. A serial killer is on the loose and the hunt is on.
This is a well written book that keeps the pages turning as the plot thickens.
Things start to get personal for Kate and you feel for her vulnerability.
A brilliantly written book. If you like your crimes that little bit different this
one certainly has the edge. The perpetrator is not revealed until the last
few pages….. and I didn’t see it coming.  
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