Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Captor- Anita Waller- 5*

Anita has a talent, a wonderful talent with words. From the very first chapter you
are drawn in to the main character and although in a way little happens in that
chapter-it is a scene setting scenario- you know enough that you want to know
more. Liz has had an affair whilst her husband was away with work for a few
weeks. The result is Jake, her baby. She is only occasionally in touch with Phil as
she finished the affair as soon as her husband was back home. It now appears
that Phil has left his wife and neither of them have heard from him. When Jake,
her son by Phil is taken, this is only the start of her nightmares. Please don’t
see this as “just another snatched child” tale, it is so much, much more than
that. A tale of feelings and memories, of heartache and woe. I thought I knew
who Captor was…. and was right however this doesn't spoil the rest of the book
one bit. Anita has struck gold again in my eyes (I have never read anything than
excellent books from her). If you like a book to grip you, throw you around a
little and one where you “have” to keep turning the pages then this book
is for you.
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