Thursday, 8 February 2018

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Match made in Manhattan- Amanda Stauffer- 4*

Alison has been seeing Dave for 2 years when they split. With the help of a friend
to write her profile she joins and sets off on the dating trail. In some
she finds a friend, in others, well lets just say that there are some different beings
out there as we all know. She comes across as a fairly well rounded, independant,
grounded woman in her late twenties, meeting various different men that for one
reason or another just don’t quite make the mark. This is a well written novel and
perfect for lightening the mood.If you have ever done on-line dating and met
(or kissed?) a few frogs that didn’t quite turn into Prince’s then this book is for you-
a trip down memory lane. The delights of texting and emails via a site.
Usernames that the mind boggles at. For those of us who remember
pre phone/net/app dating- this changed things soooo much- in a good way perhaps?
Another star would have been awarded had the ending been different.
It wasn’t disappointing as such but not as I would imagine a novel of this caliber. I
still  really enjoyed reading it and don’t let that put you off- you may see things
differently.  An entertaining, highly enjoyable read.

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