Sunday, 30 December 2018

*************My top 20 books of 2018 **************

Here are my top 20 books. They are in the order I read them. They have all been awarded  my special 5** rating. To earn that they have to have several things- a good plot, likeable characters, a good ending and that special something. It could be an emotional pull, it could be a very cleverly thought out plot. That "Je ne sais quio"

1. Fifty Years of Fear- Ross Greenwood - Crime A stunning read and a title that resonated with me.


2. Three things about Elsie- Joanna Cannon. One of those special reads you never forget.


3. The Tattooist of Auschwitz- Heather Morris . A very memorable read and one I will never forget

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather   Morris

4. The Last Laugh- Tracy Bloom  "Live life with hope" a truly wonderful uplifting read

The Last Laugh by Tracy Bloom

5. The Pact- S.E Lynes- One I found hard to put down

The Pact: A gripping psychological thriller with heartstopping suspense

6. The Key- Kathryn Hughes A brave topic, a sensetive issue very well dealt with.
The Key by Kathryn Hughes

7. Where the Missing Go- Emma Rowley- A highly emotive read
Where the Missing Go

8 The Good Samaritan- John Marrs A brilliantly entertaining read#


9. Over my shoulder- Patricia Dixon A brilliantly written gripping read

10 Thirteen -Steve Cavanagh Oh boy- on the edge of my seat!

11. They Don't Know- Patricia Dixon- a very different love, a wonderful read.

12. Getting Over Gary- Jessica Redland A book that gave me strength

13. Do No Harm- Lucy V. Hay A brilliant psychological thriller

14 I give you my heart- Sarah-Jane Forder Another really special read


15. The next person you meet in Heaven- Mitch Albom Like a precious gem that sparkles.


16. The Growing Pains of Jennifer Ebert aged 19-91. David M Barnett A brilliantly inspiring read

The Growing Pains of Jennifer Ebert, Aged 19 Going on 91

17. Becoming the Supervet- Noel; Fitzpatrick an inspiration to all mankind


18. The Uninvited- J.A Baker Oh boy - a gripping edge of your seat read

19. Three Mothers- Patricia Dixon- A beautiful story that had me in its pages.


20. The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker- Jenni Keet - out Jan 2019. Review to follow

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