Tuesday, 12 February 2019


The Happiness Project - Pippa James- Humour/fiction/romance
Three women wanting to improve and brighten their mundane lives by setting new year
resolutions- which should make them happier- hence the title. Alison has always carefully
planned everything in her life, from things in her house  house to things her son Xander
plays with.When her mother in law Maggie dies, she is left reeling as she was a large
influence and inspiration to Alison. Her new year’s resolution is to be more like Maggie
and keep her legacy alive. Frankie needs a job and gets one at a local hotel and spa
but finds there is more to work than just doing the job she was employed to. Kate is
dealing with her third and unplanned pregnancy and determined that she will relax
more with this one and be more “Zen”.
I really wasn’t quite sure what to make of this book. I loved that the women supported
each other come what may, however there was so much talk about pregnancy/children
etc that it got rather tedious and I wondered if I had slipped into a child care manual.
 They wanted to refresh their rather shallow lives and for me this was a slow plot.
I was expecting to feel inspired and uplifted but kept thinking all they seem to
have is their children for which they didn’t seem very appreciative. The character
I took to was Frankie who for me, had far more about her than the others.
I wanted the others to come alive but it somehow didn’t happen and I was left feeling
rather disappointed. Not the book I was anticipating, that said maybe more interesting
if you have small children around and relate more to it because of this.The best part for

me was the final few chapters- doing “The Glorious”, team-work and camaraderie- far,

far better than the rest of the book.

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