Saturday, 9 February 2019

The Silent Patient- Alex Michaelides- Psychological

Alicia Berenson has killed her husband. Her fingerprints are the only ones on the gun
and she is found with him. She has not said a word since this happened. Prior to this
she was a very successful artist. Theo believes he can help her, so when a position
becomes available at The Grove, the secure unit where she is kept, he applies and
gets the position of forensic psychotherapist. She is heavily sedated and has still not
said a single word. She made a painting after Gabriel died, one which ties into a play.
Theo thinks this could be a clue into getting her to speak again. The Grove is under
threat of closure and his boss has given Theo just six weeks to break her silence.
Being an eminent painter, her celebrity could be the way of saving the unit. Theo
turns detective to try and find out what has happened to Alicia. I took to Theo
and his determination and tenacity for trying to do with right thing by his patient.
It did remind me a little of Silent Witness (UK tv) where a person goes beyond the
normal realm of their position to try and find out what has happened. Argh!!!
I didn’t see that coming! I won’t spoil it but prepare for something to blow
you away! A clever plot, an interesting premise. A very entertaining read.
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