Tuesday, 2 November 2021


Coming Home-Patricia Dixon- psychological literary fiction   

Oh wow! A beautiful, clever read to treasure. Carmen was only six and it

was just before Christmas when  a woman entered their house, spoke to her

mother and then left with her father. Fifty years later Carmen has three

daughters of her own and has built a very successful business up around a

garden centre. However all has not been rosie in her life. Her husband was

violent to both her and her eldest daughter but was killed in an accident

when she was expecting her youngest. Present day and each daughter has

their own issues with life one way or another but the women are strong

and there is a close bond- however divulging secrets could shatter this for

life. Each daughter has woven herself a web with good intentions and

doesn't want to involve the family they treasure so dearly.

I was quickly drawn into this- there is a warmth and comfort in Patricias

books- and then there isn't- in a good way if that makes sense (read it and

you’ll hopefully understand what I mean). What begins as a family drama

where you get to know the characters warts and all, you know there is

just something beneath the surface lurking waiting to rear its ugly head.

It does of course as this is a psychological thriller but there's nothing too

murky and in fact I found love shining through the pages in the face of

adversity. This resonated with me (far too long a story to tell here) . Let's

just say it has made me look forward to Christmas and to treasure what

I am fortunate enough to have. It's not the material things that count in

life- its those around you- whether they be family or friends that make

the difference and this comes across so much it made me shed a tear.

A treasure of a read and one I will remember for a very long time.

Loved it doesnt do it justice............

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