Sunday, 28 January 2018

Before I found you- Daisy White-4*

Some friends returning home after a night out find a young girl on the beach
shouting at at the waves  “Come back” but there is no-one that they can see.
They rescue her as she is in danger of being swept away however she won’t
say another word.  Ruby works in a hairdressers with her best friend Mary
whom she also shares a bedsit with along with Mary’s baby. A woman comes
in who has been in prison for 10 years. Her daughter disappeared and although
a body was never found, bloodstained clothing was and she was charged
accordingly. Now she wants Ruby to try and find her daughter and who set her up.
Set in the 1960’s this brings a refreshing change to the world of mobiles and
internet access. When phone boxes were used and if you wanted to know
anything then it was either a friend of a friend or the library. A network of
friends and acquaintances prove invaluable to Ruby’s investigation bureau.
A well written book to take you back if you are a certain age- or to maybe
enlighten you if you are not! We did manage without today’s technology
and maybe even communicated on a more personal level. A different time.
A very enjoyable read.
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