Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Woman in the Window- AJ Finn- 5*
Wow! One of those books that spins you around and leaves you reeling. Since Anna was attacked she hasn’t left the house. Ten months of being agoraphobic. she and her husband have separated and he has taken her daughter. They speak daily but she misses them greatly. She watches the world through her windows and via the lens of her camera- better than binoculars. She sees her neighbours and gets to know one of them who visits her. When she sees something happen to Jane she dials for help. Only nothing has happened- has it? Has she imagined what she saw and who is this Jane she is now presented with? An intriguing read with short snappy chapters that keep the pace flowing. A very well written character in Anna and beautiful descriptions . This would make an excellent film. I thought this would be similar to “The Girl on the Train” but the only similarity is someone seeing something- the rest is so very different in every way. A  very personal account of a woman’s life incredibly well written

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