Thursday, 4 January 2018


It had to be you- Keris Stainton-4*

Bea has met the man of her dreams. Yes really. For years she has had almost the same
dream nightly where she meets this man in the park, almost knows his name and what
he is wearing and then one day she turns around and he is there- for real. She works in a
nearby bookshop with her friend Henry who is also her landlord in their shared flat with
two others. Is Dan all that she thinks he is or are friendships even more important?How
come we don’t always see what is right under our noses that we take for granted and
should be cherished. An interesting read. I am not normally into romance books but this
one is that little bit different as it is more about life and characters. You can’t help but
take to Bea and Henry. We could all do with a Henry in our lives- a stable , reliable
trustworthy friend to have a laugh with and be able to lean on when necessary
(and of course he can too). An uplifting read

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