Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Murder in the Meadow- Faith Martin 4*  

Every Faith Martin Murder book is like putting on that comfortable pair of slippers. You know they fit, that you can sit and walk around in them safely and that they won’t cause you any harm or upset you in any way.  This time an artist’s body is found by two young boys out fishing.He has rather a reputation amongst the ladies. Could this be a reason for his murder?  Speaking of fishing, the new Sargeant attached to DI Hillary Greene is up to something and Hillary doesn’t quite know what but she knows to trust her instincts. I love these books as they have a strong female lead whilst maintaining the reality of any situation.The characterisation in these books is what gives them the edge and the highly readable factor. One in a series, which would stand alone however some of the team factors and background stories would not make sense if you haven’t read the others- and why miss out on other excellent reads?  As ever an excellent plot line and well rounded characters take you into the heart of things. A story to enjoy without any nasty tastes or nightmares with a little humour along the way.

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