Sunday, 21 January 2018


Cargo- J.C Macek-4*  

Anthony wakes to find himself in a metal shipping container. He struggles to
remember how he got there but remembers having a drink in  a bar and then
everything going black. There is a phone taped to the wall. Through this he
receives a message telling him he has twenty four hours to raise $10 million
or both he and his wife will die. He is given evidence of her capture and torture
and if he contacts any authorities then again they will both die. The air in the
container will last 24 hours. This is a very clever premise. Anthony’s thoughts
and actions whilst incarcerated are very interesting along with his past.
His misdemeanours, his love for his wife and how things will change once
he gets out are powerfully portrayed. A very different story, well told.

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