Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Murder in the Mansion- Faith Martin- 4*  

A middle aged woman is murdered at her door. She is going through an acrimonious
divorce but it doesn’t look like the husband was anywhere near. Who else would
want her dead and why? Meanwhile a sniper is picking of Police as they arrive for
work and shooting from a nearby rooftop. Which station will be next and could an
innocent umbrella save some lives? DI Hillary Greene has her hands full. Faith has
a knack of writing characters so you take the them easily (or not!) and with
snippets of background in each book providing an interesting background story.
Hillary is a likeable figure- a strong female lead who has gained the respect of
her team by doing things herself, including getting shot. A brilliant plot, an
excellent story and a cliffhanger to lead us into the next book very nicely

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