Thursday, 25 January 2018

Dark Angel- Helen Durrant 4*

A young woman falls into a ditch trying to get away from her boyfriend at a festival.
She gets up to find that next to her isn’t rubbish but a body. Meanwhile two small
time thieves are given a tip of about a house to “visit”. They have bitten off more
than they can chew and quickly turn up dead. One of them sent a picture of drugs
to the police as “insurance” just before they met their untimely end. Why? A
haulage firm is transporting more than they should however neither the police or
customs have any idea of how it is being done. A cleverly thought out plot with
enough turns to keep the flow. Characters which you easily take to and become
alive through excellent descriptions and enough backstory to keep you interested
without it taking over- which can be a fine balance. I like enough to give them life
but not too much to distract from  the main theme. Helen always does this
extremely well. This is the fourth in a series but would stand alone quite easily.  
A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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