Thursday, 17 May 2018


Dead if you don’t- Peter James 5*
When a bomb is placed in a football stadium and the stadium boss is told not to go to
the police things are a little tense. His son disappears on the same day and is likely to
be held ransom. What no-one knows is that Kipp is stoney broke, he has gambled
everything away and more . Detective Superintendent  Roy Grace is at the stadium
with his son and is soon involved in the action. This is my first Peter James novel
(I know- where have I been and what have I been reading all these years?! ) and
yes- the author absolutely lives up to his reputation. You are drawn in from the
word go and kept there right until the end, and even thrown around a little in
the middle.This is a stand alone book -there was nothing I felt I was missing not
having read the 13 others in the series. A brilliant plot, wonderfully executed.
I might just be reading another one in the future!
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