Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Summer at the Art Cafe- Sue McDonagh-5*
Lucy is an artist and runs the Art Cafe with a friend. She entered a raffle and was more than
a little surprised when she won a motorbike- never even having been on one before.
She is determined that she will give it a go despite getting in rather a tangle with it.
When the instructor, Ash, is as kind as she is determined it makes her see life in a
different way to what she has before. This is one of those wonderful reads that
you need now and again to restore your faith in human nature. We have all been
on the wrong end of someone’s criticisms and it’s nice when there is someone
to stick up for you or just to show you how you could and should be treated.
A treasure of a read to enjoy perhaps in the sun, or even by a cozy fire.
One to relax with and soak up that feel-good warmth. A read to think about
life and to enjoy.
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