Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Cliff house- Amanda Jennings 4*
Tamsyn lives with her Mother, Grandfather and brother in a small house in Cornwall.
She has always admired and watched through binoculares the Cliff house where her
mother works as a cleaner. One day she goes over to fetch something and is astonished
when she meets a girl of her own age. Edie is the daughter of the owners who Tamsyn
never knew existed. When they strike up a friendship she is over the moon. This is the
story of their summer in 1986 . Occasional chapters give a glimpse of now. Edie is
of a family worlds apart from that of Tamsyn as Tamsyn learns to her cost, but is
enthralled that she is allowed a glimpse of their lives by being friends with Edie.
This is one of those beautifully described books that would be lovely to read whilst
on holiday or even if not- it transports you to the sounds of the sea and evokes your
own childhood experiences of the sounds and smells of the beach. Of wondering
about cocktail parties and wearing elaborate clothes. Of a life that can’t be yours
but you love to dream about. I wouldn’t personally have classed this as a
psychological read (which it is classed as) more, for me of a women’s fiction.
That said still an enjoyable read.
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