Friday, 9 March 2018

A Mother’s sacrifice- Gemma Metcalfe-4.5*  

Oh what a plot! Louisa has just had her very longed for baby with her husband James.
Things haven't always been so good for Louisa. As a child her mother suffered from
mental illness and since she died, when Louisa was small, Louisa has suffered too.
Since then having had counselling and tablets things are on a more even keel. She
now holds a secret that she thinks is safe until she receives cards on the birth of
Cory, her son. Cards holding biblical quotations that only Louisa knows who the
sender is. Gemma’s talent is wonderful. A gripping plot and characters with depth.
You feel for Louisa and also for James trying to help and do his best to hold
together a “normal” family and household. Twists and turns along the way so that
you keep changing your mind as to who the perpetrator is. I didn’t guess who
it was- always the mark of a well thought out plot to my mind. A book that makes
you slightly uneasy as you read it and turn the pages faster as you need to know
who and why to settle yourself. A recommended read.

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