Sunday, 18 March 2018


Doll Face - Dylan H Jones- 4*
A woman is found murdered and eviscerated- a message having been placed in a
body part adds to the macabra nature of the killer. She was Skyping her friend a
short time beforehand. Could this give clues to the killers identity- and why is
something just not quite right. DI Manx again has his work cut out to solve the
crime and his team around him each with their own issues. A good solid storyline
and I like that there is some back story to some of the main characters. This is
the second in the DI Manx series but would happily stand alone. THen again
why miss out on another brilliant read( ANglesey Blue being the first one)
A well written gritty tale to keep you turning the pages and wonder who
the perpetrator is and why.
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