Sunday, 18 March 2018


The Rise of Eris- Nesly Clerge-5*  
Wow! This is one of those reads that I really didn't want to put down.
I empathised with the main character and when her turn came for revenge,
I stood back and admired her determination and tenacity. Kathryn Eris Barnes
is a child. An eight year old child in a home that we cringe to read about.
A Mother beaten by her lover and nothing in privacy. Kathryn  sees everything
and has to fend for herself. She is gifted in geometry as well as other things
that she hasn’t yet discovered, but at home has to hide her books and barricades
herself in her room in case “he” comes in and does unspeakable things.
Eventually she finds herself, after being maligned all her life so far , surrounded
by equally talented women. Women who not only empathise but have the
means to do change things and the way of the world. A gritty tale for the first
part which may be hard to read for some, but stick with it and I am fairly sure
that you will smile. A little science fiction, a little science, some excellent research
and a truly brilliant plot. What goes around comes around. Karma?
Perhaps with a little help from your friends.
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