Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Child Next Door by Shalini Boland

The Child Next Door- Shalini Boland- 5* Psychological thriller

Kirstie Rawlings has a sixth month old daughter. When rushing upstairs having heard
wails over the child monitor, Daisy is fast asleep and she realises that she is hearing
things from another house- but whose? No one else around there has a child of that
age. She becomes convinced that someone is trying to steal Daisy despite her
husbands reassurances and is constantly checking the doors and windows.
Their neighbour Martin, who lives alone,  is strange to say the least and Kirsty
wonders why he has built a basement in to his house. When visiting she saw
bags from a childrens store by the door to the basement and she has received
messages basically saying “keep your nose out” which she feels are from Martin
disguising his voice. She is tired, insecure and anxious and can’t help thinking
that she and Daisy are in danger. Shalini has done it again- produced a book
that I just want to devour in one sitting. Oh boy! Anxious? Kirstie wasn’t
the only one- what was going on? I HAD to find out more, and more… you
get the picture. A book to enjoy, a read to spin you around. Shalini has a
talent (which includes keeping me sat down- no mean feat!) I can’t wait
for the next book from this wonderful author.

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