Thursday, 8 March 2018

Where the Missing Go

Where The Missing go- Emma Rowley 5**

Warning- do not start this book unless you have time to spare- you will not be able
to put it down.One of those that makes you want to read faster and faster as you
just have to know what happens.  Two years ago sixteen year old Sophie disappeared.
She ran away when she should have been at school and then at friends house
overnight. Since then she has sent the occasional postcard and the police have scaled
down their investigation. Her mother and father have since split. Kate, her mother,
volunteers for the “Message in a bottle” helpline where runaways can leave a message
for their loved ones “no questions asked”. This is written in the first person from Kate’s
perspective which gives it an intense and very personal feel. I felt instantly drawn in,
especially as the prologue gives, we think, Sophie’s voice. This is written with a
passion so much so that you almost feel that you are Kate and are with her every
step of the way. Through the “what if’s” and small finds that the police have already
looked into and got nowhere. I won’t spoil it but let’s just say a woman intuition isn’t
to be sniffed at. I really couldn’t put this down. I read 240+ books a year and less than
10% of them get my 5** rating. This one deserves it in spades. Wow! A highly emotive

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