Thursday, 8 March 2018

Baby Lies- Chris Collett
DI Mariner and his team have their hands full. As some young women are freed
from forcibly becoming sex workers another case comes in. A child has been taken
from a creche. The one and only time her mother leaves her in order to attend a
conference where she is speaking, she returns to find another woman has taken
her precious daughter. Her partner works for a research institute where animal
activists have had more than their say. Could this be the reason for the kidnap?
Or are there other, more sinister persons involved? Chris always writes with a flair.  
A flair for you getting to know the characters, warts and all. A little humour when
suitable, and some backstory to keep them alive on the page. An excellent plot
(as always), and that special something to keep the pages turning make this an
entertaining enjoyable read. 3*
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