Thursday, 22 March 2018


Checking out- Nick Spalding 5*
Nathan has a headache- one that won’t go away. When his words are not quite what
he expected and no alcohol is involved, he decides he needs to see a doctor. It turns
out that he has an almost unpronounceable brain tumour and may have anything
from six minutes or 6 months or maybe even longer to live - or not. This is about
how this affects his relationships with those around him- as well as of course how
others deal with him- one refusing to believe his diagnosis- as well as how he is
dealing with things himself. I didn’t quite know what to expect from this book in
that it’s a sensitive subject- and found that it is very well dealt with indeed.
A book that makes you think about life and how fragile we can be, whilst at the
same time dealing with things with a smile and seizing the moment. Some very
philosophical words, and so very true. Very well written, very enjoyable and
one I would recommend. Carpe Diem and One life- live it.
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