Thursday, 29 March 2018


The Good Samaritan- John Marrs 5*
Laura volunteers at the  “End of the Line” helpline for people in distress-those with
emotional, sexual, physical or mental issues. Those that sometimes have no one else
to talk to, or in some cases no hope of where else to go other than to think about a
way out. Laura, however, has her own agenda- to make them do as she wants.
She chooses her victims according to a strict criteria , the rest of the time she
comes across as the caring person who listens.  Laura has had her own issues
to deal with- illness, childhood trauma and her marriage is not quite as it should be.
Ryan has lost his wife. In the blink of an eye he went from being happily married
husband and expectant father to widower and he can’t understand why.
He won’t accept that Charlotte just “did it”. This is an unsettling book to read.
Laura is not a woman you would want to meet, let alone cross. Dark and
twisted doesn’t cover it . You just get the feeling that something will happen,
just not quite what, and it does. Oh boy it does! John’s words as ever draw
you in from the start and keep you captivated throughout. A read to spin you
around, throw you occasionally and never really get comfortable with
(in a good way) until the end. A brilliantly entertaining read.
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